Dedicated Experts with a Proven Record of Success


Chad Botner, CEO

Chad Botner is the Chief Executive Officer of E8 Energy Group and is responsible forleading the development and execution of the company's strategy, of being one of the leading renewable contracting companies in the US.  He is responsible for the day to day management decisions and implementing the companies long and short term plans.  Chad's greatest strengths are his creativity, drive, attention to quality, and his leadership skills.  He thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand the companies reach.  He has managed many multi million dollar projects at a time.  He gives his best and develops long term client relationships.

Chad has been in the commercial and industrial electrical industry for 30 years.  He was born in North Dakota and the son of an electrical contractor.  He went to college at North Dakota State College of Science where he earned an electrical technologies associate degree.  He also took Project Management courses at Purdue University.  He then joined the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW)  and traveled around the US working at fascinating places like Microsoft and Boeing # 777 in Seattle, WA, Boeing Skin & Spar in Puyallup, WA, Papermill in Eugene, OR, Micron in Boise, ID, Offices in NJ,  and eventually ended up in Las Vegas, where he worked on the Venetian, MGM,  Stratosphere, Paris, Treasure Island, Caesars Palace, Sahara, Rio, and Tropicana.

Chad started his own electrical contracting company in 2000.  He had employed over 120 + electricians.  His client list consisted of Lowes Home Improvements, CVS pharmacies, Clark County Police Stations, Clark County Schools, Las Vegas Hotels & Casinos, Homewood Suites Hotel, and etc.  He was successful at finishing all of the jobs under budget and ahead of schedule.  Over the 8 years he did around 38 million dollars of work.  Chad decided to close his buisness and move out to North Carolina to start a new adventure.  He took a job in the solar industry for Southern Energy Management in North Carolina and was in charge of the commercial solar division on the eastern part of the state and north up to Pennsylvania.  He has done over 50 jobs with Southern Energy Management and had a 100% success rate of finishing all of the jobs ahead of schedule and under budget.  The commercial division was later sold to another company and Chad left and went over to American South General Contractors in Sanford, NC, where he was Vice President of the solar division, which took him to 2015. 

Chad's mission is to build a company that would deliver high quality renewable projects and fulfill their clients' needs.

Chad holds unlimited electrical licenses in North Carolina, Nevada, Virginia, West Virginia, California and Delaware.


Gary Bailey, President

Gary Bailey is the President of E8 Energy Group.  He has been a leader in sustainability and innovation since 1977, as an owner and founder of Innovative Design, and an Entrepreneur in Solargenix and CEO in Grow Green Power.  Gary has set the bar for innovative and cutting edge technologies.  As a leader in building technology, Innovative Design is a leader in the Architectural sustainability field with immense green technologies, programs, and product enhancements.  Through the innovative guidelines and full systems designs have been tested and have excellent performance records.  Innovative Designs has incorporated into their 4,750 projects over 5.2 trillion BTU's savings which is equal to a 51 MW power plant.

Through the use of innovative technologies and their partnership in Solargenix.  They have worked to achieve extensive experience and success in hundreds of PV systems, Solar Thermal, and solar driven absorption cooling systems.  Providing an integrated solar roof system that is being used to produce power and solar heating & cooling.

Solargenix is a limited liability company with a worldwide presence and success in a solar thermal plant.  Gary Bailey is the partner/ Western Area Manager for Solargenix and was instrumental in the development of the Nevada Solar One Project.  In 1999 he had opened an office in Nevada and assisted a small group of renewable energy companies working with the Nevada Legislature in developing the Renewable Portfolio in Nevada.  Gary also worked with Nevada Power in achieving the power purchase agreement and launched the Nevada Solar One Project.

A new era of technology brought Gary to a new project , one that is innovative and timely.  The founder and CEO of Grow Green Power www.growgreenpower.comwhich is another company that is focusing on the integration of renewable technologies.  It is a hydroponic greenhouse growing systems combined with renewable energy 'solar thermal and a waste product Bio-Mass Power Plant'.  The system provides full use of all waste heat from the power plant to heat and cool the greenhouse, one of the first in the world to make this claim.

Then Gary decided to make one more endeavor in his already successful career.  He became President of the E8 Energy Group.  E8 Energy Group is an EPC company started, in order to construct and develop all types of renewable energy projects around the world.  E8 Energy is already working on installing about 75 Meg of ground mount Solar Photovoltaic Projects in NC in 2015, while working on over 250 Meg of ground mount PV projects with Utility Power Companies and developers in California and Nevada, that will start sometime in 2016.

Gary Bailey is an innovator and visionary, that has created a path for all technologies, that are interated and unique.  He has spent his whole life in pursuing better technologies in order to make the world a better place for future generations.  Gary is able to make things happen and to reflect with the changing industry and he is a leader of cutting edge technologies.