Biomass and Waste Power Plants


E8 Energy's President Gary Bailey has partnered with developers in North Carolina, California, and Colorado in order to develop Bio-Mass Projects.  The two main types of Bio-Mass plants are 'Open Loop' and 'Closed Loop' systems.  The type that we are developing at the North Carolina site presently will be an Open Loop Bio-Mass Fuel fired power plant.  Although the optimal size of a biomass power plant facility is typically 25MW's.  Larger sizes of 50MW and larger are now being proposed due to the need for larger utility scale fire energy projects.  Fuel sources for these plants are shown below.  E8 Energy will pursue all sizesof Bio-Mass Power plants and all types of Bio-Mass fuel sources. 

Using Biomass to produce electricity reduces our reliance on fossil fuels, the nation's primary energy sources for electricity, and the largest contributors to air pollution and greenhouse gasses.  We will eventually run out of fossil fuels. 

Biomass electricity offers alternatives with many benefits:

  • Our supply of biomass is renewable and will not run out.
  • Electricity produced by biomass reduces the threat of global climate change.
  • Using biomass waste eliminates the need to place it in landfills.
  • Clearing biomass from wooded areas helps prevent forest fires.
  • Using by-product methane gases to produce electricity eliminates odor and reduces air pollution in surrounding areas.